Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crap faces week 5

They have the same expression! hah I didn't notice it until now, but i think i did some good.. just push shapes more and give more expessions i guess.


Ryan B said...

These heads are awesome, Joe! Keep 'em coming!!

Joe Pearman said...

thanks ryan :)

Dancing Man said...

I think most of the faces are pretty cool (the upper right lady bothers me a little, but I'm not sure I can say why) Some of them do have pretty neutral expressions, however - it would be cool to pick an extreme emotion, and draw them all with that - hsow how different personalities and faces show the same emotion in different ways, you know? Just a thought. (It would be an interesting challenge just to communicate a specific emotion on the ninja(?) girl's face, sinc eyou can only see her eyes.