Saturday, November 13, 2010


Not sure what I will do with this character. It was going to be for a comic, but I don't really have a story worth telling. I might make him in 3d or maybe putting him in an art book. Not sure yet. The expressions are alright. The expression look more like different angles than expressions. The gestures seem stiff. I need to push the guestures more. Over all I'm taking a step towards a right direction with my art. I'm happy.

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Dancing Man said...

Fun character design and fun poses. Wish there was a bit more variety in the emotions (the factial expressions) of the character - even if his eyes are always aquinty and his mouth is usually covered by his moustache,you can still say a lot with his eyebrows, forehead, cheeks,being tightlipped or slackjawed, etc. (look how much they did with the dad character in CLoudy With A Chance of Meatballs, who had a very cryptic face). Try pushing the facial expressions more.