Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I did 31 sketchbook pages of this character. I learned some. He's a character for a illustration I'm going to do. Then i will storyboard out a story for him. Plan is to have a new portfolio by the end of next year. I hope I can make it


Brandon Bolander said...

Wow he looks very polished, how sick of drawing him were you after 31 pages? That's awesome work, Joe.

Dancing Man said...

Some fun poses here! Again, I think you could add more expressions -push them farter, to extremes. I know you're going for a gentle personality here, but you want to show the most extremem ends of a character's emotional reactions. Also, this is my personal preference: I know he's supposed to be very anthropomorphic and cartoony, but I still wish the poses where he was standing or walking looked less like a guy in a costume - how does a bear stand on it's hind legs?